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6 Mara Place, Ashgrove - Development Approval

The Planning Place recently achieved an approval from Brisbane City Council for a new dwelling house upon a small lot within the Traditional Building Character Overlay at 6 Mara Place Ashgrove.

Council currently has a reduced fee arrangement in place for domestic scale applications of 50%, hence this application was not processed through RiskSmart (only a 20% fee reduction).

Whilst the design is fairly traditional in form and detailing, Council required further justification for the partially glazed balustrade.  The Planning Place argued the minor scale of the glazing, its use in providing a degree of passive surveillance of the street, and the presence of reasonably similar balustrade on existing pre-war houses within the street.

The justification was supported by Council, resulting in the approval being issued.



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409 Esplanade, Manly

The Planning Place obtained approval (Application Number: A005375910) to amend an existing 2003 Development Approval for a Reconfiguration of Lot (3 into 2 lots) and Material Change of Use for Shop, Restaurant and Caretaker’s Flat, on a site at 409 Esplanade, Manly. The proposed change application sought to include a new use for an ‘Outdoor Dining Area’ associated with the existing Food and Drink Outlet (café restaurant), along with changes to the approved plans and associated conditions. The proposal involved removal of three (3) undercover parking spaces to replace with outdoor dining area, consolidating two (2) external visitor car parks into one (1) persons with disability (PWD) car space, reducing the total number of on-site visitor car spaces for from five (5) to one (1) space. The proposal resulted in an additional gross floor area (GFA) of 44.6m2.

Given the nature of the proposed changes and possible new impacts, the proposal was not considered a minor change under section 81 of the Planning Act 2016 (PA). As such, the application process required making a ‘Other Change’ under Section 82 of the PA. As the original application was impact assessable, a public notification process was required for the Section 82 (PA) change application. The change application was supported with a noise impact assessment to demonstrate the proposal can achieve an adequate level of noise amenity, and an RPEQ traffic impact assessment to justify the proposal’s shortfall of on-site parking spaces and recommendations to ensure the reconfigured car park space meets current standards.

12 Keperra Court, Arana Hills

The Planning Place obtained approval (Application Number: DA/41167/2020/V3RA) for a Reconfiguring a Lot – Development Permit for Subdivision (1 into 2 Lots and Access Easement) at 12 Keperra Court, Arana Hills. The site is located the General Residential (Suburban Neighbourhood Precinct) Zone under the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning scheme. The site is partially mapped as High Value Matters of State Environmental Significance (MSES) under the planning scheme’s Environmental Areas Overlay, however these values are indicative of superseded State Koala Habitat mapping. Under the current state Koala Habitat mapping the site is wholly located in a Priority Koala Area, however, does not contain Koala Habitat Areas. Therefore, the State Koala Habitat assessment does not apply to development on the subject site, nor does High Value Areas indicative of Koala Mapping under the MBRC Environmental Areas Overlay apply.

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